Ricky The G.O.A.T

by Cebby
(Disney Land)

The One & Only G.O.A.T

The One & Only G.O.A.T

Man I seriously miss watching Ricky Carmichael race. He was (and still is) a legend on the track and it's a pity his racing days on a dirt bike are over. I watch a bit of his NASCAR racing but it's just not the same is it?

I would like to know which one he enjoys the most.. NASCAR or motocross / supercross?

Does he still ride MX much? I imagine he would never give it up completely but he must have to be careful not to injure himself as it would jeopardize his car racing.

Anyway, just rambling really.. Ricky's the greatest rider this world has ever seen, he kicks arse on any of the current mob of stars. And to salute him I have included this photo.


- Hahahaha! Nice one.


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