RMZ 450 Kick Start vs Chin Bone

(QLD, Aus)

This is hardly a battle story worthy of claiming but I'll share it with ya anyway so you don't make the same stupid mistake that I did.

The title is pretty self explanatory..

I had just finished washing down me Zook after a day of riding. As it was a hot day I was wearing a pair of shorts, my wife-beaters and of course my favourite thongs (otherwise known as jandals in Kiwi-Land). Thinking I was pretty smart I mounted Suzy in my 'mechanics attire' and went to kick some life into her so I could take her for a quick spin around the house to dry it off. The first kick no where near started her so I put a bit more weight into the second.. as I sent my terrified foot down with most of my weight on top of it, my thong slipped out from underneath sending my chin into the foot peg. FA#$%#$^%^$$*!! I think my screams broke a few window panes in the glass house next door. I gouged a meaty hole about 2 inches long and to the bone of my chin which took months to heal properly.

Next time I think I'll wear me gumboots.


- Brilliant. Yea great idea Bazza - wear your gumboots next time.

Hayden -

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