Road Bike Crashes Hurt More Than Dirt

by Gary Mchale
(Dublin, Ireland)

Back to what I'm used to.

I've been riding dirt bikes since 12 years of age. Two years ago I decided to hit the roads. And boy did I hit them hard!

Choice of bike.. CBR 250. 120 mph at your disposal in seconds. Being used to dirt bikes this was like childs play, throwing it around like a rag-doll, until the small matter of a lump of concrete left from some idiot doing work on his driveway, anyway you can guess what happened.

It smashed the back wheel as seen in the picture, highsided me from what I can remember about 30 foot in the air, and tumbled about 100 yards. Jacket torn to shreds, leathers burned through, helmet smashed and came off, and all I was worried about was my bike.

Needless to say wearing equipment worked. Yea I was black and blue all over, burst eye brow - I think about 15 stitches, dislocated ankle, fractured calcaneus (heel bone) in 13 places with two operations. Five plates, nine screws, reduction and fixation, and to top it all off septicemia caused me to lose four stone in weight. An amputation was on the cards but thankfully I got to keep my leg.

After two years I've returned to my roots. DIRT BIKES! Lesson learned..? Grass is softer than concrete if you're unfortunate enough to crash.

I'd like to thank all doctors, nurses, physio therapists for all of their work fixing my mistake. Not only am I able to walk again but to ride dirt bikes.

- Geez. You messed yourself up pretty bad there Gary. I imagine you have to be pretty careful with that foot of yours with all the plates and screws. I know people with similar leg injuries that have to tone down their riding because another crash will mangle their 'terminator' limbs.

Hayden -

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