Rode a 2 stroke For The First Time

by Matt
(North Michigan)

Well I've been riding for about 10 years. My first bike was a 1999 Yamaha pw50 and that is too small to have a noticeable power band. Ever since I got my 04 klx 110 at the age of 8, I've had nothing but thumpers. My bike list is the 110, a 1990 Suzuki DR100 when I was 14 and about 4 months after I got that I took over my dads 05 TT-R 230.

Last weekend I rode my friends 97 KDX 200 2 stroke and it felt awesome, and knowing that the 2 strokes are disappearing it really sucks. The only thing I see bad about the 2 strokes is the fact you have to premix them. As for me, I like bikes you can trail ride and motocross. But after seeing the HIGH rebuild prices I have changed my mind and am now looking into 2 strokes.

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