Roger D... Marty S... And Bubba, Coulda

by Jon B

Raw talent - Bubba you had in abundance. Riding skills that thrilled spectator and expert riders. Riding over your head, all the time, such a thrill, but the injuries kept slowing you down. You could have gone slower and won sooo many championships of AMA, FIM, MX des Nations, you name it. But you rode it your way, balls out, crashing your brains out. And when you kept the wheels on the ground? Some of the purest motorcycle racing ever witnessed on the planet.

Bubba, I too wore a #259 Amateur plate. Went expert and got #1, but know when you are up against true talent. For me? It was John DeSoto and Hagi Alexander. For you? It was the rest of the world. You could have been world champion in every class many times over, your skills show us that.

I hope what you have achieved is acceptable with the scores your soul could have written. Best to your dad and family for blessing our bike racing sports with your love, fun, and talent, that we all enjoyed!

Jon B

- Nice.

Hayden -

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