Sand June Jump Gone Wrong

by Hayden
(New Zealand)

The Crash Scene

The Crash Scene

Well, I thought I'd share a story with you that happened in Feb. 08 while me and a few mates were riding up at the Bombing Range in Auckland, N.Z.

My mate ended up fracturing 11 of his vertebrae after miscalculating his speed while hitting a new jump he'd made. He was trying to clear about a 50ft jump over a whole lot of shrub and land down a small transition on the other side of it. He ended up hitting it with way too much speed which launched him well above the shrub and way past the down ramp! He aborted his new YZ250 mid air and landed flat on his back on the hard sand.

The bike landed about 10 meters away from where he was supposed to land. We ran up thinking he had only winded himself really badly, but the agony on his face, and the pain he was experiencing while trying to breath told us it was a bit worse than that.

After 15 minutes of wondering what to do, and the pain getting worse, we decided we had to get him to a hospital which was going to be no easy task given we were in the dunes miles away from anything. The only thing we could do was to help him on his bike and follow him slowly back through the forest to our car/trailer.

It took around an hour and a half to get him back to his place because where he insisted on washing the sand off his new bike and packing some clothes for the stay at hospital. And, being the stubborn, crazy madman that he is, he then drove himself 20 minutes to the nearest hospital because he wanted his car there for when he was released. A nurse spotted him in the car park, in agony trying to get out of the drivers seat of the car, so she quickly ran over with help and wheeled him into the emergency room.

He was put in a rigid, metal back and neck brace and told to stay still for two weeks. Doc reckons he was very lucky to be walking. Well, he released himself early from hospital and I ended up seeing him all braced up in the grandstand at a Supercross event 1 week after the accident.

I don't think I've ever seen so many people with casts on as I did that day. They were everywhere! There was one kid in a wheelchair with two broken legs eating a hotdog... guess it goes with the territory huh.

In the photo: I took this pic just after he crashed. He was jumping from the right side of the pic to the left over the dune next to my Suzuki. That's his Yammy on the far left.

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