Save The 2-Strokes Please. It's Like Talking to a Brick Wall!

by Danny

My friend always says that 2 strokes suck. Well my opinion is very different.

I don't know why but I have always gone with 2-strokes for some reason. They pull hard and as your post said, they are very light.

I want 2-strokes to stay, as they are great to work on. You have to keep messing with them, but that's good for learning. And they are also great to ride. I love the sound of them, they make my blood rush harder and faster when getting that power band into action!

Another question I always ask myself, is how would all the people that love 4-strokes feel if they woke up one morning and were told that four strokes were not being manufactured anymore because of the noise they make and the pollution they cause?

Who cares about global warming? No one in the world can be bothered to turn off a light switch or to put the right rubbish in the recycling bin. So my point is... keep the 2-strokes n let em rip in the AMA-Supercross.

Just keep 2-strokes please! You have probably heard this many, many times but here it is again in bold for the people that hate 2-strokes KEEP THE 2-STROKES! What do I have to do to get through to you people? Advertise it on t.v?

Anyway back to the bikes. Well my mate disagrees with me and I disagree with him. 4-strokes sound like cars. It's like driving a crappy v8. That's how bad I hate them. He says you have constant power, which is true. But I want a bike that purrrrs out white smoke. And I want to listen to the heart that gives me that power.

Please keep the beast. For those 2-stroke haters, it's the beginning of a revolution.

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Feb 18, 2009
Not So Much Power As Torque
by: jeff flick

Danny, I like your comments on "save the two stroke please. Its like talking to a brick wall", however I do respectfully disagree with your friends statement that four smokes have constant power. In my 30 or so years of riding both 2-strokes & 4's, I've found the fours rev out longer. But when I can out-run a lot of 400 & 450 four strokes on a KTM 250sx 2-stroke in a drag race, I have to come to the conclusion that a 2-stroke that has an engine 150cc to 200cc smaller than the bigger 4's ultimately has a lot more power!

I can only agree that the 4's have a good bit more torque, which is probably why they have out-run the 2-strokes on the moto-x tracks, especially the more slippery tracks. However as a 2-stroke fan I would really like to see the AMA allow equal size bikes to go head to head on the tracks.

I know a big 2-stroke with good carburetion or FI & a slightly heavier flywheel weight to smooth out the wicked powerband would dominate those torquey, heavy 4-smokes!

May 25, 2008
That Smell!
by: jeff flick

I love the smell of premix! Ring-Dingers RULE!

Lets start a revolution! How much pollution does a 2-stroke really cause anyway? How about all of the air flights our government officials take daily?! Does that not affect the ozone a great deal?

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