Should I Go Motocrossing Or Not?

by Lexi Kinlock
(Byfield, MA USA )

I ride a 125 Yamaha and I love this bike so much. I ride it practically everyday. I ain't pro but I like to ride for the fun of it and because it's my stress reliever. Because of how much stress I go through, the faster and harder I ride and the better I get.

I have a neighbor and he's a pro and goes to Maine like every single weekend. He watches me when I ride and wants to take me to Maine with him, and the only reason why I don't want to is because this kid is really hot and I don't want to make a fool of myself by getting injured.

I love to ride and its sort of my passion cause when I get on my bike, my adrenalin rush is so high it's unexplainable.

- It's a cool buzz isn't it Lexi?! I'm sure most riders can relate to you. I don't think your reason for not riding with your neighbor is a very good one to be honest mate. Ride the track at your own pace and capacity and don't worry about having to keep up with anyone. The people who judge how others ride and look down on them if they are slower are usually tossers anyway so who cares what they think? I reckon join your neighbor and go have fun!

Hayden -

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