Simple Workout Plan

by Ryan Harty

This is my first year racing, but I'm no stranger to fitness as I just got out of the USMC. I could only do 2 hard laps on a track when I started. I wasn't out of shape, I just wasn't used to what the bike did to my body.

So one day I got pissed off and rode until I knew that I would be sore the next day. When I was sore the next day I made a workout plan that focused on all of the sore parts of my body. Mainly legs, back and abs. I would do strength training at the gym one day and the next day I would run 3-5 miles, then go jump rope for 20 minutes and then hit a heavy bag for 20 minutes with no rest in between.

I have always eaten very healthy so that wasn't an issue, I just made sure I was very hydrated and got good protein throughout the day. I also made sure that when I practiced @ the track I ran multiple full motos with a couple added laps. Say... 10 motos with an extra 2 laps on each of them.

That was in April of '09 that I got serious about fitness. Now I can do 6 lap motos all day long and not be sore the next day. Now I'm second in points in my class and that's with missing the first race.

I hope that will help someone a little bit.

- Thanks for sharing your experience with us Ryan. It's amazing what a little (or a lot) of hard training does for your riding ability and skill level. Your story is more proof of what a strict motocross fitness program can do for any rider looking to ride faster and harder. I'm sure this will help inspire others to get training!

Hayden -

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