Struggling On A Two Stroke

by John

I wanna get started in racing but find myself fearing the jumps. I have been told from really good riders that race that I am fast in turns but like a kitty cat on jumps, whoops and anything with height.

I am on a kx 250 two stroke and want to ride a 250 four stroke so I can push my skills further because time after time I find myself behind the bike when going off a jump because the powerband kicks in and the bike wheelies on the face of the jump.

- Most riders will agree a two stroke is more difficult to learn on compared to a four stroke. And a kx 250 aint an easy bike to control on a MX track and is too much power for most riders.

The key to progressing on jumps is to start small - conquer - gain confidence - jump a little bigger - conquer - gain confidence etc.. Small but consistent steps and you will be jumping well soon enough.

Hayden -

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