Suzuki GT750 Triple Two Strokes Of The 1970's

by Don
(Sydney, Australia)

Congratulations on breathing life back into the two stroke debate. I have been riding a Suzuki GT750 triple road bike since 1974 when I first bought it.

Your article talks about the benefits of direct oil injection and mentions the Suzuki triples two strokes. The Suzuki direct oil injection, combined with the crankcase oil recirculation system has resulted in the bike doing 100,000 miles (160,000km) with no engine work, and still going strong. Compression is still 140 psi in each cylinder and it doesn't blow smoke. Ok... a little bit when it first starts after a week or so sitting in the shed. I also leaned off the oil supply many years ago with no problems... obviously.

Contrary to some of the opinions expressed in the comments by readers, I am a huge fan of synthetic 2-stroke oil. I have used it for all but the first 20,000Km of the bikes life. The mileage I have covered without a rebuild speaks for itself. I currently use either Belray Si7, Silkolene Comp2 plus or Castrol TTS depending on whats on special at the local auto-shop.

There are many of these two stroke triples still going, located all around the world at the moment. If you check your local Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, or the 'Kettle Club' (UK) etc you will find a multitude of two stroke fans.

With reference to the Evinrude E-Tec engine, I love the advertisement we get here that shows two boat owners ready to go fishing... when asked to go, the four stroke outboard owner says "Sorry, my motor is in for an oil change and service..." or something to that effect. Nothing more to be said really.

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