Suzuki's - Studs or Duds?

by Trent
(New Zealand)

It's funny cause so many people seem to knock Suzuki's saying that they're low quality and inferior to all the other bike manufacturers. Yet they are winning World Championships (Ryan Dungee is carving up on one) and have done for years. Here in N.Z they are cheaper brand new (and second hand) than the other Jap and Euro bikes yet I reckon they're awesome bikes to ride.

The 2010 RMZ 450 won the shoot out in the ADB (Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine) and the little RM 80 got big ups just recently for the mini shoot out even though it hasn't been improved upon for years and it was competing against a modern KTM 85.

I've owned 2 Suzuki's and think they're minties. What does anyone else think about them?

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Jul 02, 2012
Fantastic Suzuki
by: Author

I'm an old bloke who has been riding Suzuki motorcycles since the late '60's. Back then I had a wonderful 250cc 2 stroke road bike that was capable of a genuine 160kph and could do trips of any distance. These old bikes were totally reliable, comfortable and went like rockets. For their day, they even handled well.

I have had Euro stuff and different Japanese stuff since and although they were all good, they didn't give me the buzz of the old Suzuki. I recently went back to basics and bought a new DR650 which, for me, is just about the best bike on the market. Simple, reliable and easy to ride. I never intend to race or beat anybody, I just want to enjoy myself so I will be doing it on the Suzuki.

Yes, they are pretty inexpensive compared with the competition but Suzuki seem to get the basic engineering right from the start which makes tricking up their bikes a worthwhile exercise.

In a nutshell - fantastic!

Jan 01, 2011
Duds Not Studs
by: Anonymous

I owned a vintage 2 stroke 250, excellent bike, could not fault it. Bought a 2010 rmz250 - 35 hours and up for a total rebuild. When I say total I mean everything. If I could get a brand new motor it might be cheaper. Head, valves, cams, piston, rings, crank, conrod = $4200 in parts + another $1000 to put it back together. No aftermarket parts avaliable.

- Definitely a dud. Ewwww..

Hayden -

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