Technology vs Technocracy - Two Stroke vs Four Stroke

by Shawn Mungur
(Salt Lake City, UT)

So, here is the first sad reality. I ride 4 stroke Honda's, I'm sorry. My brother switched to the dark side and rides 2 stroke Yamaha's. However, I soon discovered how much better evil really is! I mean look at Darth Vader, he's the ultimate bad ass!

Furthermore I have been doing research into the 2 stroke jazz, how it pollutes and blah blah blah... but now the engineering in 4 stroke technology actually allows us to run 85% ethanol in 4 stroke engines! If you think that's not a harsh lubricant stripping, hydroscopic (water absorbing) material then just try running 40% ethanol in a non flex fuel vehicle and look what happens (or spend 24 hours in Vegas when your drinks are complimentary!).

The truth is, the technology to improve 2 strokes to burn cleaner is out there, but like many changes in this world, we are no longer given a choice; we are told what we like and we nod our heads in agreement.

I'm sure given their past reputation, and over lubrication (tisk tisk to all you who don't properly mix 40:1 or otherwise) many have found a way to scream bloody murder against 2 strokes. I'm sure if we really wanted to we could enter two strokes as part of the axis of evil and relate it to various terrorist activities (after all it was invented in Germany during the Nazi era).

Now, if we really wanted to, could we not find a way to make a 2 stroke that would lubricate with heavier parafins (oily stuff) which is currently found in gasoline? Maybe the consumer would run say... 85 to 89 octane in order to keep his or her engine well lubricated? The relation being that if we can run 85% ethanol in a car, couldn't we use the same technology creating some sort of two stroke engine in a similar fashion?

Okay, before you, the reader, gets bored or before the EPA has me assassinated, let us review a few points. Four strokes need oil changes, and we are not always sure the oil is recycled, oil pans can leak causing environmental damage (i.e. more then just oil pans BP!), refining 2 stroke oil undergoes a similar process to SAE oils and gasoline, and finally, the noise emitted by a two stroke may be loud, but due to the frequency dissipates quicker. Four stroke noise frequency actually causes low vibrational tones that DO effect our environment and organisms, and travel further.

I am looking to do more research into these crazy thoughts of mine. I used to work in the fuel industry, but after building and racing a few 2 strokes, I realized the thrills I got from it... well let's put it this way, it was as good as, if not better then the first day I got on a bike and raced. Now I am gearing to go back to school and get my PhD. and hopefully I can bring this dying horse known as 2 stroke technology back to life!

Feel free to threaten me!

I love it! Well written Darth.. Make sure you update us with your findings. You should contact Tim Hickox from The Future Of Two Strokes and The Experimental Motorcycle Association - I can pass you his email address. He's on a bit of a crusade trying to revive the two stroke engine.

Hayden -

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Jan 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

You have it backwards... It's the 4-strokes that are from the dark side.

Besides, the amount of pollution 2-strokes emit is tiny compared to other engines (like 18-wheeler diesels on the slabs!).

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