The 500cc Two Stroke Is Not Dead

The 500cc two stroke is not dead. Service Honda still make the cr500af and the kawasaki kx500af - but at a price. I guess it's worth the price for such a beast. Google and check it out.

- You're right, although I was aware of the Honda 500 but not the Kawasaki. I will re-word my 2 vs 4 page to say 'mainstream production line'. I would absolutely love to saddle onto one of these 500's! They look sick. Cheers for your input.

Hayden -

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Feb 26, 2012
by: 500 fiend

You're right, I have had my service 2011 kx 500af for almost a year. It destroys my 2011 yz 450f. Although I must admit it's not as easy to ride on a tight supercross style track. I had the mx suspension upgrade and it handles and flies like my kx250 2T. The most fun and powerful bike you could ever imagine!

Feb 11, 2012
Service Honda CR500AF
by: Insane One 316

I am a proud owner of a 2010 Service Honda CR500AF. This is the fourth CR500 I have owned. My CR500AF is still stock, even the suspension.

I have had expert riders test and race my AF at our local tracks. All of them have thousands of dollars in their four strokes. After they have rode the AF they all said they want one. If there was a class that allowed the 500AF's they would buy one. They could not believe that the bike was stock and how fast it was.

If you know someone that owns either the CR or KX500AF's. Ride one! Then you will see for yourself. Hell just ride a standard CR or KX500. Then imagine all that power, speed and ease of maintenance, in a light weight chassis. My CR500AF is 214lbs. Thats one lbs heavier than my sons 2004 CR250R. And it handles almost as easily. Definitely easier than the 450f's.

Apr 21, 2011
2 Stroke Mania
by: 500 Fiend

The 2 stroke is definitely not dead, as a matter of fact I just ordered the 2011 KX500af from service Kawasaki. That bike is my dream turned reality. It's almost as if they stole it out of my imagination. Can't wait to throw a leg over it. They told me 45 days. Don't know if I'll make it.

Anybody taken one of those bad boys for a ride? Would love to get some real world feed back. I have a 2004 KX500. I'm sure it drives like a tank compared to the new bike.

- Sweet! Make sure you send in some pics when you get it and update us as to how it rides. Jealous.

Hayden -

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