The Best Bang For Buck

by Dexter
(Alvarado, Texas, USA)

They are finding out that the hardcore rider will ride what they want to ride and not what they tell us to ride.

I will never buy a 4-stroke and if there is no longer a new 2-stroke to buy then I'll just keep fixing mine.

It's like tax's - they think they're going to get more $ by forcing us to buy a 4-stroke but they are finding out real fast there are a lot of riders going back to the 2-stroke even if it is fixing up a 5 year old bike.

Go out to a motocross track today here in TX and you will see a load more KTM 2-strokes and Yamaha 2-strokes and older 2-strokes than you did just 2 years ago. That is all you have to see to realize that the every day rider is no longer going to buy into the hype.

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