The Fight is Already Over

by Tyler Duran
(Wapakoneta, Ohio, U.S.A.)

If you look around you'll see that all the dealerships are only keeping a handful of 2 strokes. Most of which are little 50cc jobs to get the little ones interested in the sport.

Free style guys love two strokes but the fact is when your life is on the line and your bike bogs as 2 strokes do you can die and it's not worth it. Sure this limits their run up distances etc. When on a 4-JOKE however they walk away alive. Plus people love the idea of not having to fill up every time they go for a ride so they go with a four stroke. As well this really helps when riding in an enduro race. Since you can take any production 4-JOKE and stick a hot cam and a whole bunch of parts into them they are also much more customizable than 2 strokes. Where as with a 2 stroke all you can do is exhaust reeds and air filters and a couple other little things unless you are lucky enough to find that 60 year old man with a shop full of files and dental picks who can port the cylinder to make some intense power. You don't find people who can port 2 stroke jugs as much anymore because they are essentially a done deal which is why the guy who knows what he is actually doing is as old as dirt.

However, as long as I ride you can bet it'll be on a loud premix smoking 2 stroke, nothing beats the sounds, the smell and the always killer power band.

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Jul 28, 2010
Brazilian Riders!
by: Thomaz

I'm from Brazil, and I ride an RM 250 two stroke, but most of people here are using the four stroke engines. I really like my dirty bike, mainly on the jumps. I think that the great advantage of four stroke engines are how the power comes. It's easier to ride the 4 stroke. But if you have the energy enough, the two stroke is much more fun. And I love my bike, because it's a simply engine, that I can fix in my garage. Sorry about my poor English. See you.

- Ha, thanks Thomaz.. your English is better than most of this site's readers Portuguese! Nothing like a good old "dirty bike" huh?

Hayden -

Jul 17, 2010
Four-Chokes On The Showroom Floor
by: Jeff Flick

Anonymous is right on this one. I do not know where you're from but every local shop on my coast has already sold most of their 2-strokes yet still have plenty of last years as well as the year before 4-chokes on the showroom floors with the prices way, way below MSRP!

The new 2-strokes that come in are sometimes already bought & sold before they even make it to the shop. That's GREAT news for all of us 2-stroke fans in this world, except when we go to a dealer to get a new 2-stroke MX bike and they're already sold.

Apr 28, 2010
4 Strokes Not Selling As Well As 2 Strokes
by: Anonymous

I don't know what you are smoking, but what you are talking about is exactly the opposite of what is actually happening. Suzuki is not even importing any 2010 models because there are so many '09's still sitting on showroom floors and in warehouses. Every Honda dealership in my area still has '07's and '08's that they are practically giving away. They won't even take a 1 year old used 4 stroke in trade because they can't sell new ones at used bike prices. No one wants them. On the other hand, the Yamaha and KTM dealers are selling every 2 stroke they can get their hands on. YZ250's are going for more than list in some places. You need to open your eyes and see what is really happening!

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