The Little Spanish Bike Maker

by R. John McKinley
(Fredericton New Brunswick Canada)

Gas Gas are still producing great, reliable 2- strokes. I have recently purchased a 300ec in Nov, it's street legal and it's a wonderful modern enduro bike. I have also owned a 1974 tnt 175 enduro - my first dirt bike. Would love to see Can-Am get back on two wheels again.

The idea of taking half the e-tec 600cc twin engine and putting it in a dirt bike is pure genius. Just add a 6 speed box and you have a clean running 60 hp, 220 lb, Can-Am 300 tnt. The 300ec Gas Gas produces 48-50 hp for comparison. Add an electric start and it's suddenly competitive with the Ktm 300 enduro (2-stroke). Ktm is also rumored to be working on a direct-injected two-stroke.

If Can-Am would ensure that its new generation direct-injected tnt enduro dirt-bikes are fully street legal, they would have no direct competition, and they would surely be profitable for Brp. Currently Brp is working on their new side-by-side to be released this August 2009. After this a little 300 tnt street legal enduro with 6-speeds and an electric start should be their next project.

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