The Thrill Of A Two Stroke

by Kevin Thompson

The 2 strokes are very reliable bikes. They're easy to maintain and they're a good bike for a thrill.

To all the gear head riders wanting to feel the true power of a bike I'd reccomend a 2 stroke. I ride a 98 Kawasaki KDX 220R that's bored and stroked with high flow reeds and racing gears, with the Full FMF exhaust system. And yes I can outrun a cr125, cr250 and the crf 250 and the crf450.

There's nothing like the ultra light frame and snappy throttle response. Theres Nothing Like Revving The Piss Out Of A 2-stroke!

Yes I know there are a lot of guys that are die hard 4-strokers but when you ride and grow up on a 2 stroke and then switch over to a 4 stroke, you're let down because of the little or no powerband.

Yamaha just came out with the new 2011 or 2012 YZ 125 and YZ 250. Check em out guys and KEEP THE 2 STROKE BIKES ALIVE!

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