Thinking Outside The Box (or crankcase)

by Dan Reams
(Watson Lake, Yukon)

Enjoyed the comments, especially about the stifling of engineering new ideas. If we are going to inject the fuel and the oil why pass the air through the crankcase at all? Lubricate with oil in the crankcase and push the air in with a blower. With a little "creative" engineering we can have even less oil consumption, on par with the 4 strokes.

It is amazing that our "best" engine technology has a piston traveling up and down twice in a cylinder with a crankshaft rotating 720 degrees for the piston to get good leverage through the connecting rod for about 90 degrees of rotation or about 1/2 of its 4 trips up and down the cylinder. At least we can double (approximately) that with a 2 stroke.

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