This Vet Rider Loves 2 Strokes!

by Jim Stentz
(Upland CA)

2002 Suzuki RM 250 - Ready for Action

2002 Suzuki RM 250 - Ready for Action

I have been riding dirt bikes since the 1970's and am very disappointed that the AMA is so 4-stroke orientated. The 4-stroke is more expensive to operate and modify. 4-strokes can be more dangerous than 2-strokes because they are heavier and more powerful than the 2-strokes (due to more cc's).

I had a 2005 Honda CRF 450, a beautiful bike, but for me it had a dangerous tendency to endo. After 2 hair raising endos I sold the bike! My new 2002 Suzuki RM 250 has been a wonderful experience. Very fast, jumps and turns perfectly. I rebuilt the top end for $185, using all Suzuki parts, try that with a 4-stroke! At local SoCal motocross practice days I can pass a majority of the riders while feeling confident and safe with my scooter's handling and power.

In my opinion, unless you are seriously racing, consider a 2-stroke, it's a great way to find the fun in dirt riding and motocross again!

Jim Stentz, Upland CA

- "In my opinion, unless you are seriously racing, consider a 2-stroke, it's a great way to find the fun in dirt riding and motocross again!"

I totally agree with that last statement Jim. They seem to be overlooked and underrated by many these days.


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Oct 24, 2012
Thanks For The Cool Comments Eric!
by: Jim Stentz

It's good to hear about your 03 RM 250 Eric. Suzuki MXers carve corners like a factory racer and have a lethal powerband for a 250. I'm over 50 years old and feel like a kid when I ride my RM but I must admit to being rather sore the next day! Some riders have trouble getting used to the powerband of a 2-stroke. With a little practice and the realization that you have over 30lbs. less motorcycle to control most riders will soon enjoy the 2-stroke experience.

I just rebuilt the top end of my 02 RM Suzuki 250 with a Wiseco piston kit with a nice result of increased torque over my old stock piston. Earlier this year De Wayne Jones rebuilt my suspension and I enjoyed the improved handling.

I went riding on Sunday at Milestone MX park in Riverside CA and had an exciting time at the Vet track breaking in my new top end. The weather is getting cooler here in SoCal and riding season is now on.

Ride what you love and always try to be sane on the track. Good luck with your rebuild and send the website a picture of your cycle.

Sep 19, 2012
Nice RM
by: Eric Bolhuis

Jim.. Like you I started riding in the 70's and raced everything including the monster KX500's in the 80's. After a 20+ year absence I picked up an 03 RM250 so I could ride with my 10yr old son. I rode it hard all summer and even entered a few 40+ C class races.

I am currently rebuilding the bike from top to bottom including having the suspension done to my specs. I have no doubt this bike will be very competitive in my class when it is complete. Including the cost of the bike I will have about $4000.00 in it by the time it is done. Half that of a new 4 stroke.

For guys like me the 2 stroke is still the most viable option. It is for my son as well since there isn't much I can't do to his bike (a '05 RM65 that I got for $900.00)... If we are to keep getting people interested in this sport we need lower-cost, easy to maintain bikes for them and/or their parents to start with. If they move to a four stroke later on so be it.

I'm glad to see Yamaha and KTM are continuing to produce these bikes. I hope Kawasaki and Suzuki step back up to the plate in the future.

Apr 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

4 strokes are more dangerous than two strokes. Just look at the 2012 Supercross injury list. This did not happen when they were racing 250 two strokes.

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