Top End Rebuild

by Joe
(Flushing, MI, USA)

Can someone tell me how / when to rebuild the top end of a dirt bike? I only trail ride and don't do races. Do I need to replace the piston, the ring, or just clean it?

- Joe.

There are a lot of different factors determining when you change the piston and rings, such as the type of bike it is (4 stroke or 2), how hard you ride, how well you look after your bike with the right fuels / oil mixes etc. You could contact your local Yamaha / Honda / Suzuki etc. dealership and ask them what the recommended intervals are for your bike model, but even then, there's no 'one answer'.

You usually change the rings first before replacing the piston as the rings wear out faster. It's always better to be safe than sorry too I reckon - meaning don't keep riding when you're overdue for a top-end rebuild, cause if it blows you'll regret it big time!

When you do change the piston over, keep a log book of the hours done. This eliminates any guess work and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you're not riding a ticking time bomb.

When I change the piston over on my YZ250 I'll put a page up. Until then I'm sure you can find some good 'how to' stuff on Youtube.

Hayden -

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