Traction Control is Here!

by Matt

I've been doing some reading and I found out that Christini all wheel drive motorcycles, Rokon, and a few old Yamaha 2wds, have traction control. Christini sells kits to convert several Honda and KTM models to 2wd with traction control.

I'd post a link but I don't know if that's frowned upon here, so feel free to Google Christini motorcycles.

Also... Making me anticipate your next article like that was almost mean. Not really but I'm definitely looking forward to it!

And lastly. If I read the last entry correctly and you're going to be skipping some of the lesser known advances in two stroke development would you be willing to provide links or key words we can search to find out more about them?

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Dec 14, 2009
by: Tim Hickox

2WD is NOT really traction control. The key word there is 'control'. But 2WD certainly changes the equation. I'm quite impressed with the new developments and the clever engineering involved. I haven't ridden one, but I'd like to. The problem, of course, is that this involves a bunch of expensive parts and it increases the weight of the bike. The system I described (assuming DFI) costs and weighs almost nothing.

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