TRFD (Two-strokes Rule Four-strokes Drool)

by John Bayne
(Patea, New Zealand)

For the last thirty-eight years since I bought my Suzuki 500R new and fell in love with two strokes, I have felt like a lone voice about it ever since. And it has been both amazing and exciting to not only see others of the same opinion but that they are really scientific about justifying the all round superiority of two strokes, especially at present over every other motor, electric included. Because, like the two stroke is still superior to the rotary engine even though it is a reciprocating engine, for the reason that when the gas explodes it can only exert the force at a very inefficient or oblique angle which loses more than the two stroke by being reciprocating.

The electric motor would soundly defeat the two stroke if it was not for the fact that, radiation wise, the only real portable power source (high powered batteries) are a real killer. (They said it was like sitting in a car with 7,000 cell phone batteries, where cell phones are responsible, like microwave transmitting stations, for untold terminal cancer etc...) Like if you are in the habit of wearing you cell phone somewhere around your belt line, that is where your cancerous tumors will develop.

Just like Guering said that he knew Germany had lost the war the moment that America successfully used Mustangs to achieve the necessary long range escort flying so that the allies could bomb Germany into surrender, this may have been avoided if the Fokker Wolfe's had been put into full production to counter the Mustang's but instead the Nazi's got carried away with the jets and rocket powered fighters.

In the same way, while fossil fuel is still the order of the day, then fuel injected (turbo also if possible) two stroke petrol engines including turbo powered fuel injected diesel sub 1000cc engines are as well if they can ever be made to work as well as they do in four stroke fuel injected turbo powered 2000cc and above sports engines etc...

But even if petrol continues, diesel is far far to be preferred to petrol environmentally for the reason that there is nothing nearly as toxic in diesel exhaust to compare with benzine, zanthene, zylene and toluene which has replaced leaded petrol.

2 strokes have a unique feel to the throttle which 4 strokes never could achieve which is not so dissimilar to the difference between automatic and manual transmissions.

It is not automatic gears that I hate nearly so much as the absence of a clutch plate so that that moments loss of power by the turbines in the gear box oil, is an amplification of the short delay from the twisting of the throttle to the surge forward in four strokes in comparison with a 2 stroke of equal ccs, where, in principle, the four stroke could never overcome no matter how powerful, any more than the fact that no matter how powerful an engine with auto transmission, the moment one puts a manual transmission in its place it is so much better again, and an intelligent person will never forget this.

The principle of "what you do with what you've got which will always put two strokes ahead of four strokes. The fact that there is more area in the length of a cylinder than the head, plus the valves on a head make for a high center of gravity as well as many more moving parts.

When formula one racing in the early seventies especially at the yearly event of Daytona, the MV Augusta's had a kind of edge in head winds etc.. On account of the momentum in all the moving parts of a four stroke, but that is as silly as the guy I knew who years ago put cast iron pistons in his old Harley Davidson to thump him up hills.

There is a first principle here and a second principle, the two stroke has the first principle advantage and the four stroke the second principle advantage.

The first advantage is getting the momentum build up and the second principle maintaining that inertia.

My dream car has one two stroke engine using the drive chain principle of the rear wheel of a motorcycle for this four wheel drive car like for motorcycles tipped vertically and using their back wheels as the four wheels of my car and where the fuel controlled from the throttle is equalized by the DIN gauge fitted to the drive receiving cog on each wheel so that the integrated throttle (computerized) makes sure that at all times the force is equal on each wheel from the four separate engines (also like being powered buy four four cylinger 500cc engines) or if it is true that one 150cc two stroke (long stroke cylinder, like in a motocross engine) is the best why not have four twin cylinder engines where each pot in the twin engine is 150cc and is timed to fire at the same time as though it was a single 300cc banger, but taking advantage of the far greater efficiency of smaller multi cylinders but not trading off traction by having them fire simultaneously. I do not see why, all eight cylinders could not be computer controlled even in four separate engines so that they all fired at the same time all eight and revved to at least 12,000rpm being fuel injected and turbo powered if possible and even in diesel if feasible.

This 1200cc powered car would have unbelievable four wheel drive traction all firing at the same time and tuned like an outboard motor to not need gears anyway.

Regards to all open-hearted open-minded optimists.


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