Turning The Vintage Husky In Motocross

by Mark Edwards
(Corpus Christi, TX)

I had a '73 CR250 back in the day, and the bike was fast and fun riding straight, but it was so difficult to turn. I basically gave up riding it and went to college instead of trying to unravel the question..

The going saying at the time, was that a Husky was made to "square" the corners, which of course means, basically, nothing! Was there a secret to turning the vintage Husky that was known to only a few pros, or what? Was it designed to be turned a certain way?

Husky's were nearly impossible to power-slide effectively, and it seemed to be by design. I am a chemical engineer and not stupid.

I was about a mid-pack racer in the handful of times I raced. I raced a lot in deep Florida Sand. What was the key and secret technique to turning a Husqvarna well? What is "Squaring" a corner, and be specific!

I think if I had known the technique the pros used with them, I could have ridden a lot faster, but I was clueless really.

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