Two Smokes For Life

by Matt
(Glendale, Arizona, US)

As long as 2 strokes are around I will be riding one. For more reasons than one. 2 strokes fit my riding style, and my budget. Since I don't have the mechanical know how to fiddle with valves and the more complex engine of the 4 strokes, I stick to 2 strokes because I can afford to by fixing it myself.

2 strokes take far less experience to work on in my opinion and are much cheaper. They are also exhilarating to ride and the powerband is a lot of fun but sometimes difficult to control.

You also learn a lot more on a 2 stroke when gaining riding experience. 4 strokes you can pretty much ride in any gear but with 2 strokes you must be in the correct gear for the terrain because you have to balance the powerband with the gears or your gonna bog your motor.

In my opinion if you have money, pick one that is going to fit your riding style but if you you're short on cash and you wanna be able to ride often stick with the 2 stroke.

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