Two Stroke Concepts And Potential

by John Bayne
(South Taranaki, New Zealand)

I just love everything about the concept of 2 strokes. It is like comparing hand held football to football only touched by the feet (soccer versus rugby, I detest hand held 'football' games as it takes away about 90% of the skill factor), or manual transmissions versus automatic.

I have coined a phrase, which I believe is so true, "Manual transmission automatic brain, automatic transmission manual brain." So automatic is good, but for the brain that is, not the vehicle for the reason that automatic transmissions, at least so far, have not found a way, nor are remotely interested in finding a way to use a clutch plate. So much wasted power in the torque converters or whatever they are called which cater for people who either love convenience or who are mentally lazy.

Oh that's it! The link! You know, "If you don't use it you lose it. So mentally lazy people, who are nearly always lovers of convenience in all of its revolting forms, have manual brains because they are so full of torpor to develop them.

I have nearly driven my faithful little manual 1996 Honda Civic LX a further 200,000km from when I bought it at 116,000km, and just think of how much practice I would have got in that 200,000km in training my brain to run on auto, not just changing gear but particularly that, compared to how much I would have missed out if it had been an automatic transmission.

To round off, for the moment, most people are familiar with the saying, "Your attitude is your altitude!". So how much is the best attitude severely compromized, neutered or just plain stifled by near enough is good enough, or "whatever!" if the protagonist has no answer and he knows it.

So I am looking forward to the day when that wonderful two stroke throttle feel is available on all forms of transport, especially four wheel family vehicles. For example, in this day of computers, how much space would suddenly become available in our car designs, in which some of that increased space was used for safety in high speed crashes etc... if one had four chainsaw like attachments between each of the four wheels which were on a swing or cantilever suspension like on a motocross rear wheel but times four with a single 125cc engine powering each wheel and computer programmed to put out identical hp continually to each wheel, regardless of the activity of the single accelerator, which then activated four computer controlled throttles on each single cylinder engine, mounted on the body of the car and joined only to each engine by a sturdy chain. Each of the 125cc single pot 2 stroke engines could put out the same hp as the 2 stroke Suter 4 cylinder 500cc road going 200hp sports bike, which would be 50hp each wheel, din hp too, or 200hp total from the four very small engines. No gear box necessary etc... could be three independently reclining triple bench seats where once two bucket seats and one back seat with a stink middle seat were.

With this great 9 seater tourer (with only a stearing wheel, brake, accelerator and hand brake) it's even better than going column change to allow three seater bench seats rather than two bucket seats, and it all fits in the space of a normal car (no longer need a van to transport 9 people). Perhaps a return to the marvelous looking rear window of the Chrysler Valiant AP5 style Baracuda Valiant rear tinted window which goes almost to the back of the car, and which could allow the back 3 seater to look up at the sky as they recline and sleep or browse on a long journey. Such a car could have a really low centre of gravity also.

Regards to all 2 stroke lovers.

PS I might add that spontaneous childlike gratitude with a sense of playfulness is the key, and also add that, since there is ample evidence for the existence of God, that "skepticism" is also another derivation of "adultism through peer pressure" as well. Who wouldn't want a best friend with unlimited goodwill and power to back it up, watching over you and those you really love and care about. Especially your kids.

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