Two Stroke Design In It's Infancy

by Matthew White
(Glenmoore, Pa usa)

I have always had a soft spot for two cycle motorcycles. Unlike most of the world the smell of premix makes me smile. Since I was 14 (some 17 years ago) and purchased my first 2-smoker, I couldn't help but think that the 2-stroke motor had yet to be refined.

While it seems very clear that we are reaching the limits of the 4 stroke engine, the 2 stroke design seems to be in its infancy. After rebuilding my drz400 I kept thinking of all the wasted energy spent on valve train friction as well as a completely wasted engine cycle.

Your article excites me as to what the future holds. The thought of a 60hp 125 that weighs 175lbs and delivers smooth power while being clean and getting good mileage is a dream that I hope I get to realize.

Thanks for making my evening.

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