Two Stroke Feeling

by Ben

The feeling you get when you pull back the throttle all the way and you hold on as your front fender leaves the ground and you slowly begin to hover off your raging 2-stroke is a thrilling feeling that four strokes don't offer.

Many riders are moving to 4-strokes in the AMA races due to the fact that you won't have time for top end speed - it's all about acceleration. If you think about it, they don't go very fast in supercross. They come out of the berm and immediately there are whoops or a jump, so where does the speed become a necessity?

Where do we see straightaways?

2-strokes are basically wild horses that want to run as fast as they can, and this power could be beneficial to many situations like freestyle motocross, enduro, and/or for supermoto.

Everybody thinks that 2-strokes aren't good because they just don't work as well as four strokes in SUPERCROSS... But there is much more a 2-stroke can do than repeat a series of jumps in a closed arena.

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