Two Stroke Four Stroke... You Are Missing The Point!

by Dan
(Finley, ND)

It is just a matter of time both will be gone. Just look at the automotive industry. Only highly efficient computer controlled, low emission models remain. Hybrid models are taking hold, like it or not. It is not about power or weight, it is about our so called dependence on foreign oil, and the depletion of our ozone. Why do you think the costs of petroleum based products are skyrocketing? It is not to make the big oil co. richer, like they would like you to believe, but to bring the price more into line with alternative power. The closer the price the easier it is to swallow "the pill". Higher maintenance costs, more expensive power source, heavy, computer controlled, limited ranged, and no power.

I am a mechanic, I have been one in the automotive industry, for over 18 years. It is next to impossible to keep up with "advances" in the industry. The average 16 year old does not stand a chance. Some of the simple tasks have become time consuming and labor intensive. Who pays the price? You the consumer, of course. It is a simple theory, it's called the trickle down effect.

The tree huggers are winning, and there is not a lot we can do about it. We may delay the outcome, but win we will not. So either band together to stop or at least delay the ultimate result, or get out your electric scooter charged by your computer controlled wind generator. Want to talk maintenance costs of that little gem?

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Feb 09, 2011
Epa And Thrill Craft
by: brian bell

I think that's messsed up that the epa has taken it too far. I mean yeah I see tryin to save the ozone but for real you are banding the ltr 450 till they fix what's wrong with them. When Yamaha wanted to make a 2 stroke banshee 500 they were told they can not have it because it didn't reach their level, well I think it's unfair. On top of that you can't buy the pipes any more unless they're passed by the epa so that's not right.

If this is such a big problem why didn't they think about it a long time ago and correct it then? To me you can't make a 2 stroke quad any more but yet you can build boat motors and dirt bikes and jet skis and snow mobiles.

Aug 27, 2010
Carbon Emmissions? Seriously?
by: Anonymous

Okay lemme fact shoot maybe someone can use this..

* passenger cars subdivided by age band
* light commercial vehicles
* medium duty trucks
* heavy duty trucks
* buses
* motorcycles
* railways
* navigation
* international marine transportation
* domestic marine transportation, comprising:
* coastal shipping
* pleasure craft (recreational boating)
* ferries
* commercial fishing
* Other transportation, comprising off-road recreational vehicle activity

ALL transport in Victoria, Australia accounts for 11% of its carbon emissions. Then take into account the fact that dirt bikes are in the very last category of transport so is only accountable for a mere fraction of transport in total. .. if you want to verify.

Apr 28, 2010
Dan You Are Totally Correct
by: Anonymous

It does not matter that MX bikes are sold for competition only, the vast majority never get raced. The Sierra Club's of the world have only one agenda - to eliminate all motorized off-road recreation.

Google "thrill craft" sometime, and look at the number of organized groups out there just dying to kill our sport. If we don't get off our collective butts and kick these lamo, government-knows-best liberal whackos out of office, we'll all be riding mountain bikes soon! They won't start by banning bikes, but do it slowly. Make this riding area a national park/monument - bang - 1 million acres gone. A 100% tax/tariff on imported machine parts, bang - half the bike owners can no longer afford to fix their rides. And so it goes.

The off-road community has always been horrible at banding together to protect our sport, but with the current administration we had better do it soon!

Sep 13, 2009
I Disagree With You 100%
by: jeff flick

Dan, all moto-x bikes are sold as "competition use only" meaning that they will be sold as long as moto-x & super-x as well as enduro-x, gncc, worcs & even fmx still exist.

And quite frankly I'm really sick & tired of the "GREEN WEENIES" bringing up all the BS about the ozone layer being depleted! I am not a scientist, however if they can trace back through time "which they can & have" they can tell over the multitude of time that this earth we live in has had periods of extreme heat followed by ice ages then extreme heat & so on again & again & again! This earth we live in goes through cycles and motorCYCLES have absolutely nothing to do with those kinds of cycles! And if anything is even affecting the ozone it certainly is not any small motorcycle or dirt bike!

What will the greenies complain about when one of our European friends come out with a cleaner than diesel and quieter than a 4-stroke cost-effective, fuel-efficient & clean burning 2-STROKE dirt bike?!

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