Two Stroke or Four Stroke.. Pick Your Poison

by ATV Man
(The Worls)

I am a 2 stroke fan and I currently own a 2007 YZ125, but what people really have to understand is that on terms of reliability, which ever way you go there is gunna be that time where you have to open up that tool box!

No doubt, a 2 stroke will make more power easier. 4 strokes need twice the displacement to compete with them. A lot less moving parts mean less maintenance and you can't beat that good ol' 2 stroke sound!

But here are the downs to it. 2 strokes get a lot hotter faster hence they are always on high RPM's when they race, meaning the top end will wear down faster than on a 4 stroke.

Now with a 4 stroke, the ride is smooth, they have great bottom end torque, you don't have to worry with mixing the gas, they are easier to ride, and they have a mean sound when they're idling, like they have a serious cam profile! They are reliable as long as you keep up with their maintenance, but within a month or two depending on how you ride, you will have to tear down the top end and check the valves, make sure they are in good condition and they're not bent. And the cam timing on them goes off, meaning reduced compression, loss of power, and much harder to start. You will time to time have to reset the cam profile back to its original position to regain the compression. I watched a video on the internet of how it's done and it looks like a nightmare to touch a 4 stroke MX bike.

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