Two Stroke Preference

by Matt
(Belgrade, ME, USA)

I'm not one to tell someone else what to ride but when it comes to me and my good friend we love two strokes all the way. Even though I have a four stroke my Suzuki RM 125 is still my baby and I would sell the four stroke before I ever sell my 125.

Me and my friend think that two strokes are better because they are lighter, cheaper to work on and own, and we also think that it takes more skill to ride a two stroke because you have to know how to use the bike on a track. On a 4 stroke you can go into a corner and come out in the same gear, and we just think people are getting lazy in the sport and want the bike to do the work, whereas us 2 stroke riders have to make the bike work to get through the race. But that's our thoughts. LONG LIVE 2 STROKES!!
And bring them back!

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