Two Stroke Pre-mix And Cow Shit

by Andy

The burning smell of premix is the single most defining essence of motocross. Without the smell and ting ting screaming noise, you might as well have a motor car.

It's unfair! Racers have to buy 4-strokes to compete. 4-stroke engines have smoother power which makes them faster per section, so races are being won by less talented riders with gains due to leaps and bounds in traction.

Stopping production of 2-strokes will kill off motocross rapidly. Environment issues based on 2-strokes vs 4-stoke are the latest thing - a political witch hunt. Either comply or we will burn you on the stake. There are dozens of more effective ways to reduce emissions and tackle government targets (just for pie-graph sake in the boardroom and political marketing). The people in charge aren't smart enough to think them through.

I just can't help wanting to use more carrier bags at ASDA, because they say "together we're using less carrier bags". You only have to look at the end product/package to see they've traveled hundreds of miles to get there. Just as well trains, boats and other haulers use 4-stroke engines, and there's no such thing as smog in the city caused by them..?? Aint nothing but the smell of cow shit and burning premix in my perfect countryside :)

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Apr 06, 2009
If We Could Just Race Bigger 2-Strokes!
by: jeff flick

Right on Andy! Pre-mix & cow shit smell great together! As far as 4-chokes having smoother & more tractable power you're right. However if the powers that be would allow 2-strokes to increase their engine size, like perhaps a 450cc 2-stroke race against a 450 4-choke to even the odds, I truly believe with the right rider the 2-strokes could easily dominate in moto-x & super-x again.

I remember about a year before Jeremy McGrath retired he raced his Honda 250 2-stroke against a stadium full of 4-stroke 450's & even on the smaller displacement 250cc 2-stroker he still finished in 7th place!

If the AMA would read this I would say to them, let 250f's race against 250 2-strokes & 450f's race 450 2-strokes! I believe with the right engine set-up like a flywheel weight & a good after market pipe & the right mechanic, 2-strokes could come back with a VENGEANCE!!!!

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