Two Stroke Rules!

by Gary (Tickerty Boo)
(Somerset, England)

Being an old git (over 40) I've been plugging round on a KXf 250, following my 13 year old no brain, no fear son on his KX125. This has resulted in me getting a KX250 to maintain my ability to keep the old man ahead of the young nutter I lovingly call my son!

So having had both a thumper and a screamer I can say for pure hold-tight, fill yer trousers, smile inducing terror the 2 stroke is miles ahead.

And by the way the marine engines now produced (2 stroke) are cleaner than the four stroke grunters. Evenrude has the test info to support this claim.

Any ho thanks for a rocking site nice one m8 !!!

- Ha! No worries Tickerty Boo. I agree with you on your call. Holding onto a 250cc two-stroke is like setting off a rocket in your pants! Action packed and bound to get your heart pumping... Keep up the riding and I'm sure your son is going to have a huge challenge infront of him trying to keep up with ya now.


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