Two Strokes And Outboards

by Rob Culp
(Cayuga ON Canada)

Finally people that agree with me that two strokes are the future. My family owns a small marina that sells ETEC outboards. I have worked boat shows, do you know how many consumers are brainwashed into thinking four strokes are better? Many will not even consider a two stroke.

We also race bikes, all two strokes for now but I really wish the technology would transfer. I want an etec bike! I have an etec snowmobile and it is awesome! I also appreciate very much your innovative thinking and passion. Quite visionary and makes me excited to see what can be done!!

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May 02, 2012
So Do The Maths??
by: Matt Kelly

I have read there are two stroke engines with EFI oil and fuel injection combined and can be altered to spread the power just like a four strokes but with more power. And they can simply use synthetic two stroke oil that will burn clean, but the big two motorcycle brands - Honda and Yamaha - have brainwashed the industry into believing two strokes can not be improved any further, and four strokes are the future.

So it's no mystery that a four stroke rebuild and maintenance is harder, more technical and a fair bit more expensive..??

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