Two Strokes And Purebreds

by Francisco Rosenthal
(Santiago de Chile)

As a matter of fact 2 is more than 4 because the following:

Have you ever try to ride a horse?

Well we live in Chile where the country offers you lots of fields to get up in the mud, well the point is... if someone offers you to ride a horse that was before in a quite good training and in a good shape but the man says, "hey take it easy it's a calm beast..." you say "Ok, the beast ain't gonna eat me so give me that one", take a ride, do some grooves and everyone says ok... (Four Stroke)

That's a good rider but there are some few that is only available to people who really know what they're doing because we call them "pure blood". When you ride them you think at that moment that some kind of god made that kind of beast just for the chosen ones (Two Stroke).

So the fact is not which one is fastest, neither is better. Just you gotta think which one is made for me and which one is made for the rest of the mortals.. you know what I'm saying?

Best Regards,
Francisco Rosenthal

- I hear you Francisco! Nice analogy.

Hayden -

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