Two Strokes Are Affordable And Reliable

by Mike
(Houston, TX)

Two points to make. To re-build the top-end on a 2 stroke, with machining is going to cost you around 200 bucks and you can install it yourself. Additionally you are going to know from the feel of the bike when it is ready to do.

The equivalent 4 stroke is going to cost about $2500 and the shop will be doing the work. Also when it does go, there will be no warning.

The 4 stroke may be a bad-ass bike but most of us cannot out ride the engineering on any bike. We just want affordable reliable fun.

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May 28, 2008
Two-Stroke = Fast, Reliable, FUN!!!!
by: jeffrey flick

Two-strokes are affordable, reliable & a heck of a lot more fun to ride & maintain than a 4-stroke any day! I don't understand why so many riders in western MD. prefer to ride, let alone buy 4-strokes!

I swear I know about a dozen people that will say 4-strokes are more reliable! They obviously don't ride them enough, or constantly pay out the wazoo to have them regularly serviced, and/or rebuilt!

Sponsored racers can do this because the manufacturers are footing the bill for those guys to ride their 4-strokes! I would be willing to bet that most of those sponsored GNCC, WORCS, and ENDUROCROSS racers would prefer 2-strokes in most of the races any day! If I'm not mistaken, "THE LAST MAN STANDING" race that's been held the last three yrs in TX. has been won by KTM & GASgas 300cc 2 strokes! Two-strokes are reliable, fun plus they WIN RACES!

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