Two Strokes Are Easy To Work On

by Alex

I just picked up a 97' yz250 four months ago that needed TLC. I wanted a project bike to work on, plus I was on a budget. I spent a grand for it. I spent close to an additional $600 dollars in gear, tools and parts. I had no gear whatsoever.

This was my first dirt bike I have ever owned. After breaking it down and cleaning every part, replacing what needed replacing, then putting it all back together, I had a sweet machine that took two kicks to start.

What I'm basically saying is they are super easy to work on for the average D.I.Y guy. I did everything myself, carb adjustments and cleaning, tire/tube changes, plugs, fork seals, levers and cables etc., with very little tools needed.

People say what an inconvenience it is to change the oil frequently, and mixing fuel. It takes 10 minutes to change oil, 30 seconds to mix fuel, just get a fuel ratio cup, easy!

I have done research and it definitely costs more to maintain a 4 stroke.

I rode with a 05 crf450 this weekend and was on him through the trails and straights. This guy has 3 years experience on me riding his crf450.

Yeah 2 strokes are a little loud and not so good for the environment, but not by much and compared to what? There are much worst things that pollute the air. With more technology put towards 2 strokes I'm sure it can be better for the environment in the future.

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