Two Strokes vs 4 Strokes

by Tom Dixon
(Manchester, NH)

The '07 450f and the '07 250

The '07 450f and the '07 250

Well I'm 29 years young turning 30 in May. I've been riding two stroke 125's my whole life until a few years ago when I sold my 125 at age 26. I returned to the game with a kx450f this past Jan. The power is amazing and the bike is predictable, kinda like a Honda two stroke, lol sorry. Well I went back and talked to the mechanic, I said the bike is just missing something... that 'punch' that 'snap'. I said don't get me wrong that 4 stroke rips!!! So anyway, I was in and out of that shop a lot over the last two months. They had a '07 KX 250 two stroke in there but it had a sold sticker on it. I asked and asked about it but they said no, no , no it's sold. Ok ok... so one day I was in the shop and what do you know, the deal that was standing since November fell threw. Well I gave it a weeks thought and after not being able to sleep the last night I went back in and bought the bike.

It was hard to grasp the thought that it might be the last time I purchased a brand new two stroke. I really hope they don't die off completely. I thank Yamaha and KTM for keeping the torch lit. After reading the page The Future of Two Strokes it brings a light of hope to me.

Well, it's great being 30 and having good credit. I had planned on getting into racing but I was going to get into the thumper to race with. Now that I have the brand new two stroke I will use that to race with and keep the thumper for practice/trail riding.

Both bikes have their ups on each other. When it comes down to it it's the raw animalistic's of the two stroke that draws me in. This may sound like this is an old man saying it but, I think the future of two strokes are dim, people are lazier than ever with everything. Two strokes require more daily maintainence e.t.c. and people don't care about spending too much money these days. Also the 4 strokes are just so much easier to handle.

For a person to go from riding a thumper to a ripper, it's work. A person to go from a ripper to a thumper would be a step down in effort - for me boring. Maybe when I am actually old I'll like that switch. Like I said the thumpers are awesome to ride but the rippers are unbelievable to race!!!!

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