Two Strokes Will Come Back To Supercross

by Dustin
(Effingham, IL United States)

The 2 stroke is faster, cheaper, easier, more fun, and just better all around. I'm 16 years old and I just started riding a bike a year ago and I have learned so much since then. I constantly work on dirt bikes all the time and I've had experience with four wheelers and three wheelers too. And I race dirt bikes now.

They started making the race bikes of the four stokes like the 250f's and the 450's after what I understand was because of emissions. If you just look at how they have to have double the motor in a four stroke to keep up with a two stroke you'll understand how much faster the 2 strokes are.

I have a 1997 Honda cr125 that I race and I keep up with the 250f's and pretty soon I'm gonna race this bike against the 450's and I know this bike can do it.

Two strokes you have to maintain a little more often but it's so much cheaper and you can do it in 10 minutes. 4 strokes have to get the valves shimmed all the damn time and you almost have to maintain them just as much as 2 strokes and it's a lot more expensive, time consuming and a little harder. Four strokes aren't even very reliable.

I've had some four strokes that had problems right away and wouldn't quit having problems. Two strokes are the shit and they will come back to supercross and take over. Two strokes will dominate any four stroke.

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