Two Strokes Win in Every Way - Except on the Race Track

by Joe Black
(Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

I have always ridden a 2 stroke and I will continue to ride one. The amount of sheer power mixed with the light weight and low cost are only some of the reasons.

I have raced both 2 and 4 strokes and while my track times on the 4 stroke where 1/2 second faster, I hated every second of it. I hated the weight and most of all I hated the power delivery. In comparison on the tight track and the more open motocross tracks. My lap times where significantly faster on the 2 stroke (2 seconds on the motocross track and 9 seconds on the tight track). I am comparing a 250 2 stroke to a 450 4 stroke.

The main reason I will always choose my 2 stroke is because the majority of the time I don't ride track! I laugh at all my friends who go buy expensive 4 strokes because that's what the pro's are racing. Most people who purchase motorcycles don't race at all. If you where to poll everyone who purchased a 4 stroke last year and ask them if they race... the answer would probably be less than 1 per 100.

I do agree on a supercross track a 450 does have an edge in track times. The 4 strokes are also easier to handle. So if you are involved in supercross and only ever ride the track then a 4 stroke might be for you.

I have ridden sand dunes, tight wooded tracks, dessert's and tracks. I will always prefer my cr250 and my friends will always be stuck somewhere behind me struggling to start their slower heavier more expensive 4's.

Joe Black

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Aug 28, 2010
Lots of Little Pennies
by: shaun

Sorry mate 4 strokes only win on the race track when they have a 200cc displacement handicap. Why do they have this handicap? Hell, I don't know. If 4 strokes are inferior on the race track then why give them an advantage?

One might suggest that racing a 4 stroke gives manufacturers lots of little pennies cause it costs so much to rebuild the damn things, plus the fact that you're racing them means there working harder.

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