VP Operations, Dad With 2 Sons Racing 4 Strokes

by Richard
(Montague, MI)

I absolutely agree with the views that Tim presents in this article. In motocross the "technological advancement" of 4 stroke engines has been a death blow for dealers and the racing community. Dealers acknowledge that even before our current economic downturn demand for the 4 stroke motocross bike was weakening. The price and maintenance costs of 4 strokes have caused this reduction in riders, which translates into less revenue for track owners also.

Need I mention the noise issue that 4 stroke engines have brought to our sport? Just ask the track owners, their practice days and race weekends have been scaled back as a direct result of noise complaints from the local community.

At the track, myself and many others are getting fed up with a $15 valve bucket failure causing a catastrophic engine failure and financial depression. Yes, racing is expensive - we all know that. However, with 4 strokes that expense is forcing more and more out of the sport.

Therefore, after several thousands of dollars in 4 stroke maintenance costs, I am on the internet exploring my options and getting ready to dump our 4 - KX250F thumpers for the lone ranger YZ250 that remains in production today. For those of us that realize the potential that a finely tuned 2 stroke can bring, the future is exciting. Add EFI/DI, an oil feed system and clutch/flywheel re-location to that equation and the dealers would have them flying out of their showrooms =)

Backing up this demand for 2 strokes is the activity that is slowly being realized at the local track level. 250cc 2 strokes - due to the recent AMA regulation changes - are finding their way back onto the track.

The racing community is finally waking up. Will the OEMs' be next? KTM and Bombardier have the right vision.

Regards, Rich

- Great input thanks Rich. Yes, I think the best stuff is yet to come.

Hayden -

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