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It is with some sadness that I announce that DBTP is now for sale after 10 years of good times creating and building it into what you see here today. Due to personal circumstances and other business commitments, for some time now I haven't had the time or focus to maintain and develop DBTP as it really should be. Rather than let it die a long and slow death (it still pays me well for doing no work!) I would like to see it go to someone who has the time and desire to freshen it up, update some content and add their own creative flair to build on an already fantastic and profitable website that has huge potential under the right person.

Why am I selling?  As mentioned above.. quite simply I lack the time, commitment and desire to continue working on this. And unfortunately my days of riding dirt bikes are few and far between at the moment. This site deserves to be in the hands of someone who is riding and enthusiastic about this awesome hobby! 

Who would this website be suitable for?  

  • A dirt bike rider and enthusiast 
  • Someone who wants to make money while they sleep - passive income
  • Someone who has good, basic computer skills (the web host / operating system is very simple to operate. I learned how to build this site from scratch and knowing nothing about websites)
  • Someone who can invest 5 - 15 hours p/wk to update and improve the site. (You don't have to spend any hours working on it each week, it will still run without you. But you won't improve it this way.)
  • Someone who loves the concept of earning money while pursuing something they love!
  • Someone who already has a dirt bike related business that this site would complement
  • Someone who has the skills and know-how to take this (recently neglected) website and improve it to increase traffic volume and revenue

What are the traffic stats?  1st July 2014 - 30th June 2015

  • 36'575 average unique visitors p/mth
  • 62'000 average visitors p/mth 
  • All traffic through DBTP is 100% organic (no paid for visitors). Most of the traffic comes directly from Google search as the pages have been optimized for this
  • I have evidence of traffic to support this

At it's peak DBTP was reaching around 45'000 unique visitors p/mth (June 2011).

Note: I have not had the time to make DBTP mobile friendly. There is a very easy system in place via the webhost SBI to convert the pages to mobile friendly, however it requires time (that I don't have) to set it up. Once this is done we expect the traffic to rise noticeably as Google now favors mobile friendly websites. 

How much money does it make?  1st July 2014 - 30th June 2015

  • Just over $3000 USD. This is during a time that all I've done is check emails once every 2 - 3 weeks.
  • In previous years DBTP has made around $8000 USD
  • I have evidence to support recent earnings

How much does it cost to run?  The only outgoings are $29.99 USD p/mth for the hosting and $5 p/mth for the services of E-junkie (e-book host)

What is the potential?  I believe the potential is huge. DBTP has been blessed with consistent and considerable amounts of traffic from all over the world (approx. 43% from the US, 15% Germany, 13% Australia, 6% UK, 5% Canada, China 4%, 2% Sth Africa, 2% New Zealand). I don't pay a cent for traffic! There is potential to plug in any product, advertising space, e-book (good money to be made here) or affiliate program you choose. 

Does it have a Facebook page?  Yes.. with over 30'000 likes! This is massively underutilized as I don't have the time to post and have never really 'worked' it. This will transfer with the sale of DBTP.

Is it easy to operate?  Basically - yes. Site Build It (SBI) is the webhost and they have been nothing short of amazing since I began this journey in late 2006 - green and knowing nothing about how to build websites. As part of your web hosting subscription you have access to extensive 'how to' resources and forums where other SBI site owners help answer any questions or problems you might have. They provided me with the knowledge of how to build this site (with only basic computer skills at the time), and I put in the thousands of hours & passion into creating what you see here now. 

Will there be help after transferring ownership?  As well as the SBI forums and easy to follow tutorials & guides, I will personally help with the transition and will help in any areas that need my specialized knowledge for a period of time after ownership has changed. I want the new owner to look after my 'pride and joy' so I'll help where I can.

How much are you asking for?  I'll consider all offers near $9'000 USD. 

In finishing.. a part of me will most definitely be sad to see DBTP leave my hands, however I feel there are other people out there who will be able to take this site and build on it to make something better. If you're seriously interested please fill in the form below and let's talk.

- Hayden Brown

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