What's Your Worst Dirt Bike Injury?

by Facebook Fans
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- When I recently asked the question "What's your worst dirt bike injury?" on the DBTP Facebook wall, the responses started pouring in.. I thought it was worthy of publishing the injuries here as a permanent page. There's some real nasty ones in there!

Hayden -

Justin Bauman: A few broken ribs.

Mclean Smith: Knee re-construction at 13.

Linda Botting: Don't have one yet, only just got my first bike lol But I'm sure I'm going to have a few!

Saxon Bingley: On Wednesday last week I fractured both wrists, broke my left thumb, chipped a bone in my shoulder, concussion and dislocated knee cap :D

Linda Botting: My other half broke his pelvis and 6 ribs. One of his ribs went through his lung - not good.

Braden Pollard: Broke hand and 3 fingers. Whole of fore arm pouring out blood, and chipped 4 teeth - at 13.

Michael Webber: Got 8 screws n a plate holding my knee together.

Dan Paull: Haven't hurt myself too bad yet, touch wood. May have broken my foot, may have ligament damage in my shoulder and busted my knee and may have broken a rib in one crash on the weekend.

Nicole Escapethefate Stephens: Dislocated shoulder and separated the other one. And I tried to get mum to ride and she broke her ankle. I'm devo my mum stacked worse than me.

Nicole Escapethefate Stephens: She's pretty gnarly.

Hannah Turner: Fell down a cliff in the army training grounds, bike landed on my ribs then lay semi conscious in the rain for an hour and a half before help came. Got hypothermia lmao. Nothing too bad. Was hurt though.

Nathan Parky Parkhouse: Went over the handle bars and broke one of my vertebrae and dislocated my shoulder at the same time.

Jack Court Broke: 3 bones in my right arm, got 19 screws and 3 plates and knocked myself out for 15 mins =D

David Ritchie: Over the handlebars and broke my vertebrae and the face of the helmet. Never without a helmet now after seeing what happened to that. Apart from that a few sore backsides from coming off the back. Been pretty lucky in this department.

Dave Roil: Broke my leg in six places and my arm at the same time. Long stay in hospital to fix that one. 15 screws and a plate in my shin and 5 more screws in my ankle.

Cameron Earl: I got my leg burnt on the exhaust down to the bone when I was 10.

Harry Thomson: I fractured my hip doing a rhythm section.

Ciaran Okane: ‎9 stitches in my left leg on the shin, my brother got 14 stitches 2 weeks later.

Doug Trevino: I hit a ditch tryin to jump over the road and the bike bucked me and ended up gettin knocked out by the handle bars. Somehow did the kiss of death then landed face first on gravel. I wasn't wearing a helmet and I cut my face up and chest and hands and still have a rock grown into my lip now lol

Dirt Bike Tips And Pics: Whoa... geez this is probably why my parents have always tried to deter me from riding dirt bikes!! That's pretty impressive guys and girls..

Dave Roil Yea my folks weren't too impressed when I got another bike hahaha.

Andy Styling: Broke my pelvis in 7 places. Handle bars.

Mitch Allard: Had plenty of bad crashes but come out pretty good every time thank god.

Kyle Basham: I'm nursing a broken collar bone right now hahaha. Just broke it Friday.

Charl Saunderson: Too much.

Jaco Steyn: Worst crash? My brand new crf250x went high tail with me, fell with my face first so hard that my helmet split open, minor brain damage (and memory loss) and cracked my hip bone.

Jono Moro: Broken elbow 5 years ago still giving me crap and need surgery. Word of advice DO NOT ignore any injury no matter how small it might be because in 5 years time it may still bother you and it will get worse!

Haleigh Marvin: I did an endo attempting a backflip on a 20 foot jump that wasn't packed down enough. I got caught in the sand and flipped sideways when I was in mid-air. No broken bones but cuts in my legs and arms and a dislocated shoulder.

Johann Jp Siegling: Another rider bailed off his bike in mid air over a jump, as I came over the jump I landed on his bike and I was bucked over the bars, broken left wrist, completely shattered left shoulder and broken right elbow. Try wiping your ass like that..

Jason Patrick Francka: Blown out ACL and a concussion.

Manda Roche: I've never hurt myself too bad.. Some minor internal bleeding and concussion but on a recent ride some dude died. That was pretty intense.

Justin Lynch: I hit a 40 foot did a tail grab but couldn't get back on the bike so I landed on top of it and the peg went beside my chest protector and cut right over top of my nipple. Huge gash n my skin was just flapping there - pretty gross. Inside of cut I got 7 stitches and on outside I got 15 or 20 - can't remember.

Mitchell Brigden: Broke my femur, twisted my leg n broke my wrist in the one crash at the age of 13.

Rick Sanders: Collapsed lung.

Forest Solt: I broke my tibia in about 4 or 5 places, spiral fractures all up and down it, and I broke a growth plate. I'm going in for surgery today. And I'm 13.

Dakota Talley: Both knees reconstructed, tore shoulder and all ribs broken in one crash.

Travis Read: Just a broken collar bone.

Jon Valencia: Broken neck.

Carl Palmer: Hit a fence, bit tongue off, broke femur, tib, fib, ribs, cut off most of the thumb, cut everything inside my throat. 91 days in icu. Still ride and race.

Dustin Jr Ring: Racing down a goat trail (single skinny path) hopping logs. Hit a log wrong, probably too hard, bike bucked me off, flew downhill a bit and smashed my head on a tree, split helmet. Major concussion. Bleeding out eyes n ears.

Dirt Bike Tips And Pics (Me): Some of this is pretty full on guys! Makes my fractured T5 feel like a holiday.

Mauricio TreviƱo: Knee reconstruction 1 month ago.

Davis Ogden: Just broke my tibia a few weeks ago on my 85 and walked on it for three weeks thinkin it was a bad sprain. All you guys make me feel like I come off smellin like a rose. It was my first real injury too.

Micah Petersen: Broke my back at 14, out for 6 months.

Jamie Codd: Fractured my skull n broke a bone in my neck about a month ago. I'm riding soon though.

Chris Tryburski: Riding in some trail and was almost full out and another guy came around the corner - it was a head on crash. I got 7 stitches, concussion and a broken arm in 3 spots with surgery.

Lyle Schmidt: I was coming up to a big tabletop when my bike sputtered going up the jump. I did half a front flip in the air. The bike landed on me and broke my arm.

Darren Walker: I misjudged a jump and fell back down on me chain / sprocket and wheel while still spinning. Ripped me leg and backside 2 shreds. Lucky my armour took the brunt. I was shocked to see a deep scratch down the centre of the armour which could of been my spine... But I'm back on the bike mad as ever cos I'm Irish haha.

Owen Kelly: Just back from the Doc myself, broke my ankle 3 n half weeks ago on the bike. Never fell just landed awkward. Now he tells me I can't go back to work (so I presume no Bike!) until mid July... :(

Davis Ogden: same thing for me my foot just slammed on the peg too hard and sure enough it's broken.

Dominic Saulnier: Racin at a local race I was battling for the top 4, came off a jump crossed up on landing and high-sided into the face of the next jump. I broke my collarbone, fractured my hip, fractured right eye socket, and tore my liver. Spent 3 months on the couch. This happened 1 year and 3 days ago.

- Right, now that we've got that out of the way.. Who wants to go riding?

Hayden -

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Aug 11, 2014
The Worst
by: Paul

The people who have gotten it the worst are not here to say anything.

Jun 10, 2014
First Real Crash
by: Anonymous

Never had any real injury's. Just trying to do a 10ft jump, bike landed on back wheel, did a wheelie, bike flipped on top of me, broke the kickstand off from it hitting my arm. Left a huge bruise there, and bruised my back, and cut my leg. Got up and rode home right after that. You guys make me feel like I am super lucky!

Mar 20, 2013
by: Crash Riding

When thrown over a fence that I had hit, I managed to acquire a serious concussion, 4 Deep lacerations to my head, torn ACL requiring immediate surgery, dislocated shoulder and busted clavicle (collar bone).

Wire strainer rope loop sticking out of the trail, hooked foot peg @ roughly 80km/h, instant, standstill. This all took place on a Yamaha DT175.

Since then, I'm now in my thirties and have owned both 2 Smokers - the WR250 and WR500. What a freakish monster the 500 was.

Other injuries:

- Reconstructed shoulder, other on list and waiting for a spare theatre.
- ACL tear and repetitive ruptures, had surgery.
- Witnessed my cousin ride, tapped out into a barbed wire fence (2 wire) that himself put up an hour earlier. The result was brutal, ripped his throat to shreds and got into his jugular etc, he needed a helluva long time to re- coup..

Now riding a WR 450 (yes I'm a sucker for Yamaha, I am teaching my wife to ride from scratch so I got her a TT-r125 e/bw). Now ride this big 03 bitch. For everything from GNCC, endurocross, MX and single trail fire road fun with the Missis.

Dec 13, 2012
Apple Trees Are Tough!
by: Lexi

I was trail riding at the hunt camp, hit the powerband on my lil yz85 and rode fine up until this apple tree came out of nowhere :)

Ended up with 17 screws and two plates to put my left elbow together and was into physio two weeks after surgery. The bike is mint. Still working on getting a straight arm but looking forward to next season -- Don't let dirt hurt.

Nov 12, 2012
Grossest Eye Injury
by: Anonymous

I was at a race years ago and one of the kids landed so hard, his EYEBALL popped out of the socket. Thankfully he was wearing his goggles as he was supposed to, and the eyeball stayed inside the lens area, and the optic nerve was not severed, so they were able to do surgery and he did not lose vision. It was the grossest, most freakish accident I've ever seen. I wouldn't believe it had I not been there. I wish I wasn't there..

Oct 28, 2012
Broken Arm Humerus Fracture
by: Savannah

I was going off this 20 ft tabletop and the front tire, the back and the ground were all vertical. I slipped off the back but before I fell my feet blew up and caught the handlebars. The bike landed like normal but I was backwards so I couldn't steer, and the exhaust pipe crashed into my arm when the bike fell. I have to go in and get surgery next Monday :(

Sep 10, 2012
Missing Finger Tip
by: steve larsen

I was mashin up hill when I tipped the bike over and the handle bars came down on my finger. It pretty much ripped the tip of my finger off. Still riding to this day.

Jan 31, 2012
Ride or Die
by: Hapjap420

Came up short on a triple in Mora. Broke both wrists and fractured l1. Needed surgery on left wrist three pins and three months in a cast. Right wrist is 90% left is 25% :( One month post op. Hope to ride in spring as I just bought a 2008 yz 250f.

Jul 29, 2011
Broken Back

I broke my back, 6 ribs and collar bone when flying over the bars and landing badly. 1 week in hospital and 4 months off work and the bike, but back into it!

Jun 27, 2011
Last Comment
by: Dominic

Hahahaha I'm the last 1. All my friends think I'm retarded 4 still riding, but I'm better than ever.

- That's the attitude!


Jun 01, 2011
Washed Out
by: roydon

Not too bad, me and my mate on the same bike went though a bit of a muddy spot, lost control and both of us went flying. We both couldn't breath for a bit. Broken finger and bruised ribs.

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