When I Was A Kid...

by Brian
(Laredo, TX, USA)

... I was gearing up to go pro when I broke my femur, an injury from which I couldn't fully recover from quickly enough, and so I wound up quitting and going to college instead. At that time, 4-strokes were a joke and I'm surprised to see that they have become such a dominant force in the sport.

I guess I don't have much to say since I haven't ridden any of the modern 4-strokes, but I still can't believe how they can compete with the simplicity, light weight, and raw horsepower of a 2-stroke engine. For now, I'm puzzled...

- Brian.. many people are puzzled, and rightly so because when you understand the mechanics of a two stroke engine and a four stroke engine, it just doesn't make sense that the fours are 'the dominant ones' when it comes to racing. But when you factor money into the grand scheme of things, it becomes clearer. That's all it's about, money.

I just got back from an awesome long weekend of riding on a friends private MX track. He recently sold his YZF450 and bought the same bike as me.. a new YZ 250. This guy is an awesome rider and hits 85' jumps without blinking. When I asked him what he thought of the difference he said the YZ was better in every way except when it came to top end speed and grunt for trails/hills. He likened the four stroke to "riding a couch".

They have their good points but you can't get around the weight of the bloody things! One day the people will see. Till then, the smart ones are enjoying them still.. ;)

Hayden -

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