Which Bike Next? Two or Four?

I'm 14 and I ride a Kx 85 and not to brag but I know my way around a motocross track pretty good. My friend that I ride with has a crf150r and off the starts he beats me every time, and jumps that I have to hit in 3rd he hits in 2nd! What's up with that? Well I'm getting a little too big for my 85 so should I get a 125 two or a 250 four? I race motocross and arenacross, if you have any answers please reply to this!

- Firstly, does it matter that you hit jumps in a different gear? I don't think so, it's to do with the gearing of the bike mostly. How does your kx feel in the air when jumping? I think that's more important. Anyway, which one? A two or a four...? That is the big question! Best way to figure it out is to 'try before you buy'. Do whatever you can to test ride some different bikes. Borrow your mates for a few laps and find out which bike you enjoy the most. Easy.

Let us know how you go.

Hayden -

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