Wondering What Dirt Bike To Buy a 10 Year Old?

Hi, I am hoping you can guide me in buying a used dirt bike for my 10 year old son. He has ridden only 2 or 3 times but is absolutely set on wanting to race motocross. I know nothing about them and don't plan on him racing but would like him to have one to ride around our land. Please give me some advice on what to buy.


- Hi Brooke. Good on ya for a start, for being willing to buy your son a dirt bike.. It was something I was deprived of as a youngster and always resented it.

Something like a ktm 65 would be the right size but it packs a fair punch and would be an excellent MX bike for him. Though it depends on his ability to pick things up quickly or not. If you want something a little less racy and a lot more user friendly, try something like a crf 100f or ttr 110 - they're four strokes and a lot easier to learn on with their manageable, and more subtle power delivery.

It really depends on quite a few factors so it's always a bit difficult recommending bikes. If I were you I would take him to a bike shop and sit him on a few different bikes to get the ride height correct. Ask the shop if they have a demo bike that he can take a quick ride on. Also remember that he's going to grow pretty quickly from here so if you get something too small he may outgrow it a bit soon for your liking ($$).

Hayden -

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Oct 26, 2011
Learn On A 2 Stroke
by: ryan426

I would recommend an 80cc 2 stroke.

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