XR200R Putting Other Bikes To Shame

I used to race an old uncompetitive XR200R just for the fun of upsetting the guys on 2 strokes and larger 4 strokes. It was a light, nimble bike running either xr250 cartridge forks and shock to later on running cr250 suspension. With a hot cam, wiseco 67mm forged piston, sports exhaust and carby re-jetting, I had heaps of fun and left a lot of other bikes to shame.

Okay it wasn't ideal for huge jumps, but for cross-country and trail riding it was some of the best fun I ever had on any machine and it was heaps better than even a cr125 on fuel - meaning when the others ran out of fuel after an hour or two I'd get days of riding from the same tank.

Also, I could put the mute back in the exhaust, switch carbys and run in silent mode for more closed circuit fun or places the 2 strokes just can't run due to noise regulations. You should see the look of upset on peoples faces when they get beat or have the xr200 finish right behind them by what many consider a girls, or a learners bike. Some people worry they will get called names for riding a simple, reliable bike like the xr200. If I was you I'd ignore them and get on with having fun on a bike that will run all season with just a few oil changes and save you thousands on parts, fuel and tickets from the police.

- I've never had a crack on a XR 200 but I know they're sound bikes. Honda made 'em bullet proof reliable in those days. Pity they can't do the same for their motox range.

Hayden -

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Dec 06, 2011
As An XR200r Rider...
by: martizzle

I completely agree! I went from a cr125 in high school to an xr200r in my mid 30's. I love the bike and its reputation for being a "girlfriend's bike". There's nothing much better than passing by your friends picking their 250 2 strokes up off the ground from an over powered crash (or tipping from stalling) on the bike they chuckled at earlier in the day.

I often ride obstacles I have set up in my yard and 2 acres of woods surrounded by neighbors who say it sounds like my wife is vacuuming. Couldn't do that on my cr125!

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