Young Riders Need Two Strokes

by Allan

Growing up I never had much money so when I finally could afford to get into the sport I couldn't afford a thumper, so of course I bought a 2 stroke.

It would not be economically wise to totally ban 2 strokes because of the amount of sales and jobs that would be lost. And as for environmental impact, 2 strokes just keep getting better as long as the company is willing to put money in for R&D.

I personally would rather a 2 stroke anyways.

- I believe there is a HUGE and growing market for two strokes at the moment. Just read the articles from the hardcore two stroke fans in this forum! The global economy is stinging and people are having to pinch pennies which makes the modern 4 stroke option a financially painful one. Not only that but people are missing the characteristics of the dinger.

I've been seeing more and more KTM and Yamaha two strokes at tracks and rides lately and I know of four stroke fans/riders who are making the change over. A couple of months ago the owner of my local Yamaha dealership said they were selling heaps more YZ 250's compared to the new YZF450's. It'll be bloody interesting to see how this all rolls out over the next decade or two..

Hayden -

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